Resources for Prospective & Adoptive Parents

Adopting Children from Foreign Countries

MAFA has a network of local LGBT families and professionals (social workers and attorneys) who have worked together to complete successful adoptions of children from Guatemala, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Russia, and other countries. MAFA offers resource and referral information and conducts workshops about the special needs of adopted children.

Metropolitan Adoption Council of GKC
Adoption and Counseling Services, Inc

Domestic Adoptions

MAFA was founded by a group of social workers who understood the need for good homes for abused and neglected children and the strengths and resources of many gay and lesbian parents who could meet that need. Some MAFA parents have fostered and adopted children in state custody in Missouri, Kansas, and other states. Others have created their families through private adoption.We offer resource and referral information and seminars about adoption and foster care.

Metropolitan Adoption Council of GKC
Adoption and Counseling Services, Inc
Adopt US Kids                         
Missouri Children's Division
Adopt KS Kids

Donor Insemination and Surrogacy

Several MAFA parents who have created their families through surrogacy, egg donation, and assisted reproduction are willing to share their experiences.

  Donor Insemination Guide

At MAFA, we maintain a network of LGBT parents with different backgrounds.  Our members mentor and help each other across the family life cycle; offer resource-and-referral information about adoption, parenting, and other issues; provide training and education to LGBT parents, professionals, and community members who have the best interest of alternative families in mind; promote awareness of and respect for LGBT parents and their children to the general public; and advocate for alternative families so that they may participate fully in the larger community without fear of oppression, intimidation, or exclusion. 
Links to other organizations who support LGBT Families

CampKC               COLAGE               Family Equality Council              LIKEME Lighthouse

Midwest Alternative Family Alliance

News & Links

Issues & Advocacy

Although MAFA is not a lobbying organization, we do work to educate others about the rights and needs of alternative families.  The sites may provide additional information.


GLBT Media Resources

The Edge 

Gay Parenting Magazine

Huffington Post Gay Voices 

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